Gijs van Engelen
Chief Digital Officer

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"Digital leadership will be about being visionary and leading a market where most sales and profit are from digital channels and, of course, creating a World-Class shopping experience whatever the channel or journey.

Our mindset learns from the best of the best; the start-ups,
the up-starts and the pure players. We also learn from the best fashion branded experiences and not least, we learn by listening relentlessly to our customers and each other."

Our Digital Departments

Our growing Wholesale Operation

Our wholesale operation - where we sell to others who sell our products to their customers, is a significant low cost, low risk growth channel for our business. We see a huge opportunity in further growing our wholesale Omni-Channel market enabling us to reach new customers and new markets. By investing in the right tooling we expect yearly double digit growth with our existing partners and increasing opportunities in attracting new partners. To support our wholesale ambitions multiple departments are integrated with our planning so we maximise the efficiency of our operations and the service we provide to our partners.
Wholesale supporting departments: 
  • 1. Omni Channel
  • 2. IT
  • 3. Merchandising
  • 4. Distribution
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4.5M Customers ordering digitally instore by 2025

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16 own webshops

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€92M Wolesale + 3rd party sales by 2025

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80% of customer journeys using digital


The foundation of Hunkemöller
Our IT team is one of the important leaders of technology and digital in our business strategy. In many cases digital and tech drive the direct customer experience however, our IT team also looks after and develops the whole IT infrastructure for our business.


We are building a global brand. This means a global marketing, communication and engagement strategy. It also means taking a local approach, when and where it is necessary, by adding additional local/country level content marketing, social content, connecting with local bloggers and influencers building local ambassador pools. Collaboration with our digital and e-commerce colleagues is incredibly important to create these market leading, country level organic and paid-for search strategies.

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