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Frequently asked questions

What is the status of my application?

We are passionate to give you any reply within 2 days. However, this is not always possible. We are determined however to make sure you hear from us within a maximum of 5 days after applying with us. If you did not hear from us within the 5 days, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Did you receive my cv and letter ok?

If you received a confirmation email then your application was send correctly and is in our possession.

I am keen on working at Hunkemöller. Can I send an open application?

It is not possible to send in a open application. All interesting openings are on the jobsite. If your dreamjob is not amongst the current openings we advise you to install the job alert so you’ll be alerted once your dream job comes along!

Am I currently still in the running for the vacancy I applied for?

If you received the confirmation email after sending in your application and you did not hear anything from us afterwards, you can trust you’re still in the running for your dreamjob.

I had some problems recording my video interview. Can I record a new video?

Unfortunately it is not possible to record another video. We need to ask you to apply again for the position of your liking. You will then get a new invitation to record your video.

I have limited wifi-connectivity at home, is there a solution for this?

You can use your mobile device as well as your computer. The free choice in device means that you can of course record the interview at a place of your choosing. Please find a place with strong wifi-connectivity to ensure your video interview is recorded perfectly.

I don’t have a computer or smartphone so I am unable to do the video interview. Can you invite me for a personal interview?

We are very proud of our recruitment process and we want all applicants to experience the same journey when applying at Hunkemöller. Because we hire for attitude and train for skill, your personality is the most important to us. By recording a video you are able to give us a little bit of an insight in your personality already. So please, make it possible to record a video by borrowing a computer or smartphone or go to a internet store.