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Customers are the heart of any organization, without them, we cannot function.
Our goal at customer service is to provide an exceptional customer service experience, to all our sheroes.
As every customer is unique , we strive to personalize each contact, and make sure the solution provided is the most suited one.
We want our Sheroes to feel appreciated, cared-for , but most of all listened to. We look at every customer contact as an opportunity for us to improve our given solutions.

Chris Obiang & his team

‘’To help is to understand, to understand is to listen, to listen is to CARE. We are fanatical about our customers satisfaction, and our goal is to create an exceptional customer service experience, at all times.’’

Some of your possible tasks

Giving world-class customer service

Here at Hunkemöller we strive to give our customer world-class service, and you would be a big part of that. Our Customer Service Agents don't only handle every incoming customer contact but ensure our (S)heroes receive the best possible service, that they deserve.

Improving our processes

We always encourage our amazing team to thinking along how our processes should best benefit our customer needs, and finding possible solutions or improvements, when needed.

Representing Hunkemöller

Our amazing customer service agents play a very important part in representing Hunkemöller as the brand that we are. That includes delivering information about our company's products, providing proactive outreach and collecting customer feedback.

Frequently asked questions

Which languages are used at our international Headquarters in Hilversum?

The main languages in which we help our lovely customers are Dutch, French, Spanish, Scandinavian and English. However, we also love to see applicants that speak other languages as well.

What are the main touch points of a Hunkemöller customer service agent?

  1. Phone
  2. E-mail
  3. Chats
  4. Social Media

How big is the customer service team?

Currently we have around 15 - 30 amazing (S)heroes working in the team. But we would love to grow our team, which is why we welcome every application!

Hunkemöller's Benefits

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