International HQ initiatives


As we are a global company, our business language @ the HQ is English. Therefore we find it very important to invest in the English speaking and writing skills of our employees! This 10 weeks during course includes lessons of 2 hours a week. The teachers are native speakers and know the business language of our industry. This course ends with an exam and afterwards you will get a certificate.


This cool initiative for all our HQ employees is really a big success! The Mindgym sessions are fast-paced face-to-face workouts of 90 minutes workshops of high impact learning in which you get practical tips to put into practice straightaway. Some topics we cover are ‘Having presence’, ‘Getting things done’ and ‘Impressing Groups’.


Especially for our Buying & Merchandise team we have created the Buying & Merchandise Academy with inspiring training sessions to support them in their career paths to grow from a Junior position to more Senior roles. So if you have the ambition to join our Buying & Merchandise team, then these workshops are a great added value to your career!