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Are you looking for a job as a sales assistant on a mini-job basis, for a flexible job as a temporary assistant or are you looking for a part-time job on a 450 Euro basis? Fashion and working in retail are exactly what you are looking for? Hunkemöller offers many jobs as a sales assistant on a mini-job basis. The perfect job for minijobbers who want to be flexible: Minijob-based sales assistant! Our store teams are always looking for temporary staff who would like to become a mini-job-based sales assistant.

Tasks of a sales assistant

Do you actively follow fashion trends and what happens on the catwalks of the world? Just as you are on social media channels, do you go to shops regularly to be up to date? You would also like to be trained as a bra expert in our academy in order to be able to conduct perfect sales talks? Would you also like to be part of an inspiring brand that constantly presents the latest lingerie to its customers? If all this applies to you, you could be our next sales assistant on a minijob basis! In short: become a fashionista!

The advantage of a minijob in general is that you get your gross salary net. The employer pays taxes and levies. However, the mini-jobber is not covered by health, pension and unemployment insurance. Accordingly, this type of employment is only suitable as a temporary job in addition to a main job, in other words a main job.

Unlike other retailers, we don’t just look for a sales assistant as a minijob, but for people who can inspire others with their passion for lingerie and fashion! Our minijob-based sales assistants are designed to provide our customers with an incomparable shopping experience. What’s more, we expect a salesperson to be friendly and customer-oriented, as well as able to conduct a good sales conversation!

If you would like to work at Hunkemöller, but are not interested in a temporary job, you will find all our vacancies here. An overview of all our teams can be found on our team page. If you are interested in a job as a salesperson on a minijob basis, scroll down here and filter all minijobber vacancies by your favourite city!

Verkäuferin in Vollzeit

A strongly expanding lingerie brand

In the meantime, Hunkemöller has grown to become a brand known worldwide and an employer with branches and online shops in many countries. Thus, Hunkemöller is currently one of the fastest expanding companies in the world. Therefore, Hunkemöller’s human resources department is constantly on the lookout for new branch openings and existing branches > to all vacancies.

But we have come a long way in the meantime. Originating from a single store, Hunkemöller is now an international Omnichannel brand, a well-known name in 24 countries and the undisputed market leader in the lingerie industry in Northern Europe. In Germany we are the largest specialised chain. We are also experiencing continuous growth in Austria, Denmark, Spain, France and Sweden. In addition, Hunkemöller delivers the best return on sales in the market with a turnover of EUR 440 million ($ 500 million). In addition, the company was able to secure many industry awards. For example, the Retail Award 2014 for the best lingerie chain in the Netherlands, as well as in Belgium, Germany, Spain and France.


We are determined to make Hunkemöller the first choice for women across Europe and beyond. Our significant revenue and EBITDA growth has been achieved through a combination of market-leading product development, an inspiring customer journey, enthusiastic employees providing world-class service, and the skilful use of new technologies and social media. The goal is lifelong customer loyalty. Looking to the future, we are striving for rapid growth, both physical and digital. Therefore, we are planning to expand our Omnichannel offering and at the same time open more inspiring stores. Hunkemöller offers a live it up introductory program to help new store employees get started. In order to provide world-class service to our customers, our employees are continuously trained on the online learning platform Hunkemöller Academy. Work for Hunkemöller and discover our passion for our products! Use this test to see if you are a good match for Hunkemöller!

Application process

In the following you will learn more about our application process. Because it is our employees who make Hunkemöller so special. Consequently, recruiting and retaining the best is crucial to our success! This is why we want enthusiastic employees who are brand ambassadors. In short, we hire on the basis of personal attitude and train skills. Hire for attitude and train for skills!


Since we recruit on the basis of your personal attitude, we have introduced video recruiting. If you apply for a job at Hunkemöller and reach the second round, you will be invited to participate in a video interview. You don’t have to prepare your own presentation, as our managing director, Mr. Philip Mountford, will ask you some general questions instead. All you have to do is answer these questions. If you are not satisfied with your answer, you can re-record your answers.


We are proud of our brand and only want to hire those who best fit our brand. This means that we judge you beyond your professional experience. Accordingly, we are really interested in what motivates and inspires you. The interview helps us to get to know the person behind the CV. This video is extremely important to us and therefore obligatory.


  • Applicant uploads documents and applies
  • Cancellation or one lap further
  • Invitation to a video interview
  • Cancellation or one lap further
  • Invitation to a personal conversation
  • Individual further course

Please remember to submit all relevant credentials and a police clearance certificate in good time so that we can speed up your recruitment process. We are working hard to speed up the process, but if it takes a little longer, please excuse us for that. We will get back to you as soon as possible by phone or email!

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