Our customers no longer rely on a single channel to interact with us. Increasingly, in addition to stores, concessions and traditional media, they use mobiles, computers, laptops, tablets and other devices to connect via websites, apps and social media. The sales initiated through these devices and channels are the fastest growing parts of our business, which proof the success of our omni-channel strategy. We believe that getting the perfect combination of easy ordering and effortless store pick-ups is what keeps our customers coming back – so we're working hard to ensure that their loyalty is rewarded with faster ordering and collection every time. That's the beauty of omni-channel

Gijs van Engelen
Chief Digital Officer

"We are digitally driven and powered by data; a simple statement yet fundamental to the success of any retail organization. Digital leadership will be about being visionary and leading a market where most sales and profit are from digital channels and, of course, creating a World-Class shopping experience whatever the channel or journey."

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